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Herbal Heart Chews | 12 Delightful Flavors! Fruit Infused Palm Leaf Bowls

Herbal Heart Chews | 12 Delightful Flavors! Fruit Infused Palm Leaf Bowls

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❤️2 Heart Shaped Fruit Infused Plates in a Pack❤️

These tasty and 100% edible chews are simply irresistible! They are bound to satisfy that urge to chew and they double as tasty treat plus serving plate! The plates are made with untreated palm leaves for safe and long lasting fun. We infuse them with all natural and organic fruit puree and combine that with an immersion of floral and herbal essence to satisfy even the pickiest chewer. They are then dehydrated over several hours to create a yummy crunch! Healthy yet delicious simple treat!!

Each bowl is about 4” in diameter

12 delightful herbal & botanical infused flavors!

Organic natural ingredients:

Raspberry Rose: Palm leaf, raspberry, rose petals

Strawberry Rose: Palm leaf, strawberry, rose petals

Pumpkin Calendula: Palm leaf, pumpkin, calendula

Strawberry Goji: Palm leaf, strawberry, goji berry, chamomile

Blackberry Mint: Palm leaf, Blackberry, peppermint leaf

Banana Chamomile: Palm leaf, banana, chamomile

Pineapple Mango: Palm leaf, pineapple, mango, calendula, lemon balm

Cherry Pomegranate: Palm leaf, pitted black cherry, pomegranate, rose petals

Apple Chamomile: Palm leaf, apple, chamomile

Blueberry Basil: Palm leaf, blueberry, basil

Berry Blue Mallow: Palm leaf, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, blue mallow, dandelion leaf

Berry Hibiscus: Palm leaf, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, hibiscus

Storage Instructions: Immediately take out of original packaging and store in an airtight container. Do NOT store in the refrigerator.

Shelf Life: At least 3 months if stored properly in a glass, plastic or ceramic airtight container.

💙 All treats are uniquely handmade and may vary slightly in picture 💙

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My bunnies adore these

We buy these regularly and my bunnies love them.