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Starbuns Refreshers~Very Berry Hibiscus~OAT FREE

Starbuns Refreshers~Very Berry Hibiscus~OAT FREE

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Introducing our signature line of Starbuns Refreshers- Unlike our hot coffee version, these are completely oat free and perfect for the oat sensitive furries to enjoy! Hay based treats can be fed more often than oat based treats without having to worry about GI upsets!

These adorable treats are extra crunchy and packed with high quality and nutritious 2nd cut timothy hay that is grinded to a flour in house! Blended together with fresh blueberry, blackberry, & strawberry make them even more irresistible! Each bite sized treat is topped with hibiscus petals and slowly dehydrated over several hours for peak long lasting flavor making it a crunchy & healthy treat for your furry friends to enjoy!

*Available in a reusable airtight bottle with 40 treats*

Made for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, and other small animals!

Organic Ingredients:
Timothy hay, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, hibiscus petals

Storage Instructions: Immediately take out of original packaging and store in an airtight container. You may keep in original package as well. Do NOT store in the refrigerator.

Shelf Life: At least 3 months if stored properly in a glass or ceramic airtight container.

💙 All treats are uniquely handmade and may vary slightly in picture 💙

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Customer Reviews

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Allison Vogel
Everything is fabulous!

My rabbit absolutely loved everything we got him for his birthday. The treats, the chews, everything! I’m so thankful for your business!