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Spring Fever Fling Chew | Premium Fruit Infused Chew Toys

Spring Fever Fling Chew | Premium Fruit Infused Chew Toys

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This limited time tasty toy is only available for the spring season! 🌸 Don’t wait! Let your small furries enjoy season while keeping their teeth trimmed and their minds busy! Featuring ALL of our pickiest buns favorite chewing materials infused with the vibrant colors & tastes of spring featuring sweet blueberries, warm pineapple calendula, and delightful strawberry dragonfruit!

Featuring 3 different chew varieties in one to keep them engaged and interested in the toy! A blueberry infused balsa block surrounded by 2 pineapple calendula vine balls and 2 strawberry dragonfruit infused palm leaf bowls tied on a seagrass rope.

Simply put it in your furry little ones environment and let them chew and toss the toy around. As an extra foraging and enrichment option, add hay, treats/forage, or both to the vine balls and palm bowls

Made for: Bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets

Size: Approximately 9-10 inches long

They provide your small pet with a delicious boredom breaker toy and treat in one! Keep them interested with the different textures and a mix of natural and fruit flavors.

All chew toys promote healthy teeth size and shape as well😊

100% Organic Fruit & Veggies
🚫No Added Sugar
🚫No Added Coloring

♥ All treats, chews, and toys are uniquely handmade and may vary slightly in picture ♥

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My rabbits demolished these! lol 10/10