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Ultimate Bun Playmat | Forage Enrichment Toy Full of Chewing Fun

Ultimate Bun Playmat | Forage Enrichment Toy Full of Chewing Fun

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Our Ultimate Bun Playmats are the perfect enrichment toy to keep any bunny busy! This huge mat features a variety of different textures and materials to keep them interested and engaged! Made with all natural ingredients, fully edible, 100% bunny approved!! We recommend adding favorite treats or forage to the seagrass bowl in the center to promote even more enrichment by putting their nose and heads to work!

*Choose between a 12” x 12” Water Hyacinth Mat or a 13” Round Palm Leaf Mat Base

This is a LARGE and engaging foraging mat. Great for heavy chewers or larger bunnies

- Palm leaf or water hyacinth mat
- bamboo ball
- seagrass heart
- willow ring
- 2 palm leaf bowls with a calendula forage center
- sisal rope
- jute twine
- 2 palm leaf flowers
- 3 mini vine rings
- pine wood butterfly
- palm leaf bow
- palm leaf medallion
- palm leaf pocket stuffed full of orchard hay, calendula, & chamomile
- palm leaf bon bon
- 2 twelve inch palm leaf wands
- small seagrass bowl
- seagrass rope

Always give under supervision. If the toy is new to them it should be introduced in moderate amounts.

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