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Bunny Birthday Cakes | Mini Custom Gotcha Day/Rabbit Cake,

Bunny Birthday Cakes | Mini Custom Gotcha Day/Rabbit Cake,

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A handmade bunny and small animal cake that’s perfect for birthday parties, gotcha days, or any other celebrations! Available as a single layer or double layer mini or regular size cake! Choose between a hay hawser cake made of 100% ground Timothy hay and your choice of fruit or oat an oat based cake and your choice of fruit. Icing is a fruit and oat mixture with your choice of color/fruit.

Custom requests welcome! I can do different flavors/colors as well as botanical and fruit toppings. Please feel free to message me with any designs you have in mind! I can make them happen! ❤️🎂

Some possibilities include pink icing, blue icing, red icing, yellow icing, white icing, purple icing

Available Botanical/flower toppings:

Calendula (marigold)
Blue Cornflower
Pink Cornflower
Blue Mallow Flower
Rose Buds- Pink, Red, Yellow
Rose Petals- Red
Butterfly Pea Flower
Black Mallow Flower
Dandelion Flower
Jasmine Flower
Chamomile Flower
Heather Flower

Available Fruit Toppings:

Orange slice
Goji Berries

Size of the single layer cake: Approximately 2.25in wide x 2in tall

Size of the mini double layer cake: Approximately 2in wide x 2.3in tall

Size of the double layer cake
Approximately 2.3in wide x 3.4in tall

**Please allow up to 2-3 weeks prior to the date you’d like the cake by so we have enough time to fully dehydrate and customize it**

**Make a note stating the date you need the cake by so I can make sure to get it out in time. Thank you!

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